Finding My New Side Hustle: Smells Like Money

a stickman with a pooper scooper

Picking Up Dog Poop Like a Pro Understanding the Dog Poop Pickup Business Alright. After a bit of a Google-a-thon, There’s a bit more to this than I first thought. But really, it’s pretty simple at its core. Client gets a dog.Client loves their dog.Client hates picking up their dog’s poop.Client hates it even more […]

Time For Jonny To Make Some Extra Cash

Where To Start? My head is spinning. I’ve listened to 10 podcasts this week, and everyone says something different. You need to get leverage and scale. You need to get good at one thing and become the best.You need to do 10 small things and spread the risk. You need to get up earlier. You […]

Hi, I’m Jonny Bills!

I live in Ontario with my wife Sara and my 2 kids, Hank and Ida. I followed my parent’s advice. I went to college. I got a job. I’ve been working my ass off for the last decade. Where has that got me? I earn 70K a year, but we owe $420 on the house. […]