Picking Up Dog Poop Like a Pro

Understanding the Dog Poop Pickup Business

Alright. After a bit of a Google-a-thon, There’s a bit more to this than I first thought. But really, it’s pretty simple at its core.

Client gets a dog.
Client loves their dog.
Client hates picking up their dog’s poop.
Client hates it even more when they stand in their dog’s poop.
Client loves when their dog’s poop magically disappears once a week.

That’s where I come in. The fastest pooper scooper in the West.

Types of Services

After looking at different sites, these are the standard services on offer.

Equipment and Supplies

To start a dog poop pickup business, I’ll need some basic equipment and supplies.
Here’s what I’ll use:

Pricing Your Services

When pricing my dog poop pickup services, I think I’ll keep things simple. I’ll charge a flat rate per visit based on the number of dogs and the yard size. Here’s how it will work:

When I have a nosey around, these rates seem fair and competitive with other dog poop pickup services in my area. Plus, they’re easy for clients to understand and calculate on their own.

Of course, some factors could impact the price of my services. For example, I charge a little extra if a yard is challenging to navigate (lots of obstacles, steep hills, etc.). Or, if a client wants me to come more frequently than once a week, I might offer a discount on the per-visit price.

Overall, I will be flexible and accommodating when it comes to pricing. I want my clients to feel like they’re getting good value for their money while ensuring I’m earning enough to make this side hustle worth my time and effort. I mean, I am picking up dog poop after all.

Identifying My Target Market

I must find the right target market or this whole thing will turn into… dog poop. If my target market is sorted, I can tailor my services to their needs and preferences.

As a dog poop pickup service provider, my target market could be:

Each part of the market has different expectations. For example, busy professionals may prefer a recurring weekly or bi-weekly pickup schedule, while homeowners associations may need visits more often.

Additionally, pet owners may have specific requests for how their yard is cleaned or where the waste is disposed of.  I will have to be flexible and accommodating to ensure I keep people happy and they spread the word.

If I nail my target market and cater to their needs, I should be able to establish a loyal customer base and grow my dog poop pickup empire.

Setting Up My Business

Properly setting up my business is vital to ensure I’m operating legally and efficiently.
Here are a few things I need to get sorted:

Business Registration

First and foremost, I’ll need to register my business with the state and local government. This involves filling out way too much paperwork and handing over some cash. So I will test the waters first, see if I get any traction, and then once I know I can make some money from this, I’ll fill out the paperwork. No point in having a business registered if I have no business.

Marketing Your Services

To get the word out about my new empire, I need a few ways to grab peoples attention. I’m going to keep it pretty simple. Simple is good. Simple is cheap. Here are some ways I plan to do that:

Social Media

I’ll be using social media to reach out to potential customers. I’ll create a Facebook page and an Instagram account to showcase my services. I’ll post pictures of happy customers and their clean yards and posts about the importance of picking up dog poop. When I’m bringing in some cash, I’ll also run ads on these to reach a wider audience. Who knows, maybe I will start posting a dog poop of the week!

Flyers and Posters

I’ll create some quirky flyers and posters to put up around town. I’ll buy a cheap phone and put the number on the poster and a clear message about what I offer. Something like “Stop standing in your dogs’ poop, get us to scoop”  I’ll put them at local dog parks, pet stores, and veterinary clinics. I’ll post them on community bulletin boards and leave a few in some cafes.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is king. It’s free and 100% verifiable. I plan to ask satisfied customers to spread the word about my services. I’ll also offer referral discounts to encourage them to do so. I’ll provide excellent service to every customer, so they’ll happily recommend me to their friends and family.

Using these marketing strategies, I’m confident I can attract plenty of customers and create my new dog poop scoop monopoly.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

I understand the importance of providing excellent customer service. It’s not just about picking up the poop but also about ensuring the customer is satisfied with my service. Here are a few things I can do to ensure I provide excellent customer service:

By following these guidelines, I can build a loyal customer base and establish myself as a reliable and trustworthy poop pickup service provider.

Expanding My Business

Once I have built up a loyal customer base and have a steady income stream, it’s time to consider expanding the business. Here are a few ways I could take the dog poop pickup side hustle to the next level:

Hire Employees: As the business grows, I may need help handling the workload. The sooner I can stop picking up the dog poop, the better.

Offer Additional Services: I could increase the revenue by offering additional services. For example, I could offer dog walking or lawn mowing. This will bring in more money and help me build stronger relationships with your customers.

Expand My Service Area: Once I’ve tapped out my block and the ones next to it, I’ll consider expanding my area to reach more potential customers. This will require more time and effort on my part, but it can pay off in the long run. I would need to hire other people before this step.

Partner with Local Businesses: Partnering with local businesses can help me reach a wider audience. For example, I could partner with a dog grooming salon or a pet supply store. Offer their customers a discount on our services and ask them to do the same for me.

Is This The Side Hustle For Me?

Do I think that this could be a side hustle for me? Maybe
Is this going to be the idea that eventually turns me into a Billy? Probably not.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to see if I think this is worth pursuing any further



I think I can definitely make some money doing this. However,I think at this stage, I want to put this one on the backburner. Not beacuse it’s dog poop. But because I think I can find a better opportunity that isn’t such a time suck.

I think I might start researching some of my online side hustle ideas and see how they compare.

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